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Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? Check out our FAQs below to find the answer you are looking for!


How do I register an account?

Click on the "Account" button located at the top right of any page to "Log in" or "Create a New Account". Alternatively you may proceed to check-out where you will be prompted to use your account.

I forgot my login password?

In case you forgot your login information, please click on the "recovery password?" button on the log in page.

About watch

Can't charge / Can't turn on?

Three solutions:

Solutions1: It is recommended to change the charger with different power to try to charge the smartwatch, the charging time is more than 30 minutes;

Solutions2: Please contact the official after-sales service to get a new charging cable;

Solutions3 If it is battery/ma inboard/button problem, please contact the official after-sales service, we will provide relevant parts to solve your problem or suggest returning it for repair according to the problem;

Official after-sales email:

The battery cannot be fully charged?

Restore the factory settings of the smartwatch then charge it.

Stuck on boot, Unable to enter the system?

After the battery runs out, recharge the smartwatch then turn it on.

Smartwatch cannot connect with the APP?

1/ Be sure to follow the steps in the manual to connect;

2/ Clear all paired Bluetooth devices on the phone, restart the phone and watch to reconnect according to the instructions;

3/ Restore the watch to factory settings, uninstall and reinstall the APP;

4/ Try to use other mobile phones to connect to the watch.

Bluetooth is automatically disconnected?

1/ Please confirm whether the APP can run normally in the background of the mobile phone, Android mobile phones usually need to whitelist the App in the settings to prevent the system from automatically closing the App after the screen is off;

2/ Please confirm whether you have manually closed the App;

3/ Please reset the watch, uninstall and install the App again on the phone, reconnect the phone with the watch;

4/ Please use other mobile phones to connect to the watch.

Screen Failure (Fancy Screen/White Screen/Line, Etc.)?

Please contact the official after-sales service, we will provide relevant parts to solve your problem or suggest returning it for repair according to your problem.

Official After-sales Email:

Heart rate monitor not working?

1/ Please confirm whether the watch is worn correctly, the watch must be fully fitted to your wrist;

2/ Please confirm whether it is the latest version.

3/ Enter the heart rate test when you are not wearing the watch, and check whether the heart rate sensor is flickering. If the light does not flicker, it is most likely a hardware failure. Please contact the official after-sales service;

4/ Restore the factory settings.

Smartwatch message does not sync with the APP?

1/ Please confirm whether the notification of the app is turned on;

2/ Please confirm whether the notification of the APP is allowed in the notification bar;

3/ It is recommended to reconnect according to the manual. During the connection process, you need to allow the notifications of the APP;

4/ Please confirm whether the Do Not Disturb mode is turned on on the watch or APP so the message is blocked

Heart rate test is inaccurate?

Smartwatch (Wearable Devices) monitors human activities through electronic sensors, and they are at the consumer electuonics level.It's normal for certain deviation.please treat data objectively.Please do not compare it with professional medical equipment.

Inaccurate exercise data?

1/ Bluetooth watch: Set personal age, height, weight and other information in the APP to increase the accuracy of the data;

2/ Please try to restore factory settings;

3/ Update to the latest software, and we will continue to optimize related algorithms.


How do I change my order information?

Double check your gear and the total amount in your shopping bag before you complete your order. It happens during online shopping and no worries! But when something wrong happens, we recommend you to contact Customer Support once you realize you need to change the shipping address. We will help you to change it if the package has not been shipped out.

How can I place my order?

First, find the product you like. Then choose a color and size you want. By click the "ADD TO CART" button, you will keep the item(s) in cart. You may choose whether to add more products in cart or choose to continute to checkout.

To go to checkout page, please click "CHECK OUT" button to complete your order!

How can I check the status of my order?

You are able to check your order status through your own Dekelife Account or the order confirmation email.

What do I do if my order is damaged?

We are so sorry to hear that your order arrived in anything but perfect condition! Allow us to make it right. Our Customer Support team will be more than happy to assist you in processing a refund, return or exchange. Please come to Return Center to submit a request so we can get you your item(s) as soon as possible.

How to find my order number/ I can't find my order number/details?

If you have a Dekelife account, we recommend you to log in and check it in your account. If not, no worries, usually you will receive an order confirmation email once you place the order. We recommend you check the email for more details.

Usually, the order number will be like #dekelife11111.

How to cancel my order?

We will be sad to hear it but we recommend you to go to Return Center to submit the request.


When will my order ship?

All orders are subject to a 24-48 business hours processing period before shipping.

When can I receive my order?

Arrive and could be delayed during the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to the different locations of our warehouses, the transportation process of some products might take longer than usual. You are welcome to contact us if you have any concerns. Thank you for your incredible patience!

We have two different shipping methods offered: Standard Shipping and Express Shipping; the respective shipping time will be:

1. Standard Shipping 7-10 Business Days.

2. Express Shipping 3-5 Business Days.

Need more help?

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