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What to know in running and fitness

What to know in running and fitness


Exercise and fitness is a health care activity that modern people like. And there are many sports, including running and fitness, etc. What should we know about running and fitness?

1. Remove makeup before running
When running, the metabolism of the human body will speed up and the pores will open. If the makeup is not removed, the pores will be blocked, and the skin will have difficulty breathing. In serious cases, it will also cause allergy or skin inflammation.
2. Don't run during physiological period
Running during the physiological period will burden the originally congested pelvic cavity, aggravate dysmenorrhea, and at the same time, it will also pull the uterus, causing excessive menstrual blood. Running during the physiological period will cause endocrine disorder, which is related to personal constitution. If you can't avoid danger, you'd better stop running and take some gentle exercise!
3. Be sure to warm up before running
The two most easily injured parts in running are the knee joint and ankle. Unfamiliar road conditions, poor flexibility, excessive weight, etc. are the main causes of strain. Before running, you should do 5-10 minutes of preparatory exercise, mainly stretching and flexing.
4. Run at your own pace
When running, we should pay attention to the coordination of breathing and pace. The more moderate is "two steps, one breath, two steps, one breath". During running, you should relax your whole body, not feel tired, and not let the heart and lung system feel pressure. Especially at the beginning of running, you must slow down, or even walk fast, so that the cardiovascular system and joint muscles can gradually adapt.

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